Pinterest stole my heart

‘You should try Pinterest,’ my sister, Elizabeth Worts, urged. You will love it. Ít is good fun. And you won’t ever have to buy another magazine.’ At first, I couldn’t see the point. Why would anyone want to ‘follow’ other people’s ‘pins’ and ‘boards’ and read about their interests. The idea was too new for …

Nesting dislocation syndrome

Nesting dislocation syndrome is probably not a recognised mental condition. You won’t find it mentioned in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), for example. That bible of psychiatric medicine is now in its fifth reincarnation. But it doesn’t list nesting dislocation syndrome.

Public libraries I have loved

Our public libraries are some of Australia’s best loved social institutions.  Writer Tracey Farr reminded an audience at the Perth Writers Festival about the importance of local public libraries. She recalled going to the old Cottesloe library as a child. The State Library of Western Australia  is too often taken for granted, in spite the the service …

February favourites

February favourites are almost here. February always seems like the start of the proper New Year. After the indolence of January and the media silly season, it is time to begin 2016 proper. Apart from the heat, I love this time of the year. There’s something exhilarating about a month that has so much in store. …

Digital tourism or life on the edge

Digital tourism means many things. Understanding depends on whether you are a traveller, an airline, a destination or a country or something in between. One thing is certain: travelling will never be the same as before the internet.

Kick start your writing Part 1

Kick start your writing was the informal title of the session I facilitated a  at the lovely Peter Cowan Writers Centre yesterday. The formal title was ‘Getting started as a writer.’ But the informal name is much more fun. Twelve people of varying skills-levels participated.

Media cycle – how are we affected?

  Listening to journalists and authors Ros Thomas and Geraldine Doogue in conversation about the media cycle with Patricia Karvelas at the Perth Writers Festival 2015 was a joy. It also made me think. A lot. Ros and Geraldine are well-known to Western Australian audiences. Indeed, some of us claim them as ours. They both began …

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