Remembering the day we married and eloped to France

Fifteen years ago today, John and I married and fled to France. Our Nuptial Mass at St Peters Church in Bedford was as romantic as anyone could imagine. The celebrant, Fr Trevor, wore gold vestments. The golden chalice gleamed in the rays of the morning sun that shone through the stained glass windows. Our witnesses, …

Peaceful my new word and practice for 2022

Peaceful, the word I’ve chosen for this year, and many words with similar meaning – tranquility, serenity, calm – have a gentle sound, unlike the clamour and chaos of the past two years. They’re easy on our ears and hearts. 2020 and 2021, years of epidemic, pandemic and COVID-19, have also been years of great …

Reset time for the next half-year

Reset time in my calendar usually takes place at the beginning of January. This year, however, did not go according to plan. The tragic death of my daughter, Anne, on 27 December 2020 threw any plans I may have had for 2021 into disarray. Grief and mourning take their toll. Unrelenting, they extort enormous energy …

Aboriginal women and  NAIDOC Week 2018

Aboriginal people across Australia celebrate NAIDOC Week which starts today,  Sunday 8th July, and goes to 15 July. Since since I was a very young woman, the paths of some Aboriginal women have crossed mine and enriched it it many different ways.

A Long Way From Home, Peter Carey – book review

A Long Way From Home by author Peter Carey, AO, made it to the Miles Franklin Award long-list this year (2018). Had it been successful, this book would have joined the author’s three other books with this distinction*.

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