Australian Women Writers Challenge – Summary

This has been the first year I have participated in the Australian Women Writers  Challenge. What a good experience it has been! I had an incentive to review books by Australian women authors. Books could be in any genre and from any period.

‘Let Her Go’, by Dawn Barker – review (surrogacy story)

Surrogacy, the theme of Let Her Go, Dawn Barker’s new novel, often makes the headlines in Australia. The theme also occurs in Sally Hepworth’s book, The Good Sister (2020). Here’s a link to my review of The Good Sister.

‘Killing Daniel’ a true story

‘Killing Daniel’  is a powerful story about real events. It is just one story in a collection of gritty writing in True Stories, by Helen Garner. The subject matter of  ‘Killing Daniel’ should concern all of us. This special story should be compulsory reading for everyone who cares about the safety of children.

Loss of a baby

Over the past month, quite by accident (if one believes in this sort of ‘accident’ rather than understanding synchronicity) I’ve read three recent novels with neonatal loss at their hearts, all by Australian women*. The books, and a recent tragic family experience, have deeply touched me and caused me to evaluate one of my own experiences of death of a …

Risky business

For the past few years, I’ve been writing my second memoir. It’s about falling in love and marrying in old age. John was married to my life-long friend Marcia for almost fifty years. Some time after her death, their children invited me to his seventieth birthday. Exactly a year after the birthday celebration, we married. We didn’t just …

Coffee adds value

A coffee shop in the vicinity of residential property for sale increases the value of the property by tens of thousands of dollars, according to an article in the real estate section of the West Australian Newspaper the other morning. That really struck a chord. Coffee shops serve many functions. They’re places to nurture old friendships and consolidate new …

Booklovers’ surprise

The quaint Hampton Arms Inn in Company Road, two kilometres south-west of the Greenough Hamlet, is one of only a handful of Australian colonial hotels that has survived from the nineteenth century. Opened in 1863, not long after the Greenough Front Flats were first settled, the building retains all of its original architecture and form, with a …

2014 Perth Writers Festival – afterwards

Books are piling up on my tablet and beside my bed as a result of the 2014 Perth Writers Festival last weekend. The collection surprises me. At face-value it is such a different selection from my usual choices. For example, before the Writers Festival I’d almost forgotten my penchant for travel memoirs, although in the past I’ve read …

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