Back from beautiful Busselton after an unplanned and unexpected holiday in the South West of Western Australia. Walking, swimming, sight-seeing and catching up with friends for a week has been invigorating.

A typical day began with swim or a walk to the end of the Busselton jetty, which is almost two kilometres long. The sailing ship Leeuwin II was berthed alongside most mornings.

Busselton Jetty
Busselton Jetty

Those who weren’t walking at seven o’clock in the morning seemed to be fishing.

Fishing 2



Fish 1



Fishing 4

Fishing 3Busso Shag with fish









Helicopters had begun their safety patrol of the beaches along the coast .


Some young people were hard at work, creating a fun-park in the water at the main Busselton beach beside the jetty.

Busso Beach preparing blow up toys






Buseelton Beach 8







But we left them all to it and headed home for breakfast


4 replies on “Busselton – a seaside adventure”

  1. Wonderful week for you and John. Did you see the HUGE water slide? We read it would be there all January. Xx

    1. Yes, we did see it, Elizabeth, and it is enormous, like they said. We had a fabulous time the whole week. So lucky!

  2. What lovely photos, Maureen – they really give a feel for the relaxing holiday you have enjoyed! Thanks for sharing, and will look forward to catching up next week.

    1. Coral, Lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your comment on my blog. We obviously had a fabulous holiday.

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