Build from the wreckage, make lemonade, etc

Build from the wreckage

To build from the wreckage of my old blog takes cheek. To make lemonade from lemons demands a sense of humour. But here it is! Welcome to ‘How to be eighty 2’.

If you stumbled on this blog looking for something else, my apologies. If you like what you see, please subscribe to read more posts.

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Months ago, pestered by my old website hosting service and not understanding what the technology required, I made poor decisions and major mistakes. Kind people tried to fix my blunders. I’m grateful for their help.

Sadly, I decided to let my old blog fade away. That was hard emotionally.

I also discovered that websites do not fade away gracefully.

For the record, I started blogging in 2013. Earlier this year my firstsite recorded 10,000 hits and 388 articles.

The grieving process

It takes courage to give up something of value, especially when it’s taken years to build. It also demands a period of grieving. I tumbled through disbelief, anger, bargaining and depression in rapid succession. Together and separately, the stages of grief struck.

I decided to find another hobby. Like everyone else, I was made to make things. Not creating, not writing, doing nothing, diminishes me. I become miserable and hard to live with. My world shrinks.

A debate about whether I could build from the wreckage took over.

Decision to build from the wreckage

Finally came acceptance pof my loss and a deeper understanding of my needs.

Just as well you don’t get to your mid-eighties without learning about disappointment or knowing you can start again!

Blogging allows me to communicate, to share ideas with my audience. It provides satisfaction and joy. I’ve missed it and missed my faithful readers and their comments.

Complications and other irritations

Older people are tourists in the world of information technology (IT). Susan Maushart describes it in her book, The Winter of our Discontent. We’ve often learned enough to dip in and out, like visitors to a strange country, but we do not speak the language, or not fluently. We don’t understand the customs of this new place.

My twelve-year old great-granddaughter, Elizabeth, understands IT intuitively. The generations between her and me exist somewhere between tourism and being native to the country where they’ve grown up.

My approach to setting up a blog in 2023 now seems gung-ho. Undaunted, I got on with the challenge I’d set myself. It worked!

Over the last few weeks, I discovered that the technology has become more complicated. As well as that, features I took for granted as part of a package now demand payment upfront.

Logging into a program demands two-part authentication, which means the constant use of a mobile or access to email to ensure I am who I say I am.

Hope for the future

Not fully understanding what I’m doing leaves me frazzled but hopeful. I look forward to the day when I can sit at my laptop and simply write an article and post it.

Months of not writing gave me new insights about my posts and what they may be in future. I hope for a new beginning as I build from the wreckage.

My list of subscriber emails has been lost. If you have been, or would like to be, a subscriber to ‘How to be eighty 2, please use the subscribe button below. And of course, I love comments.


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  1. Wow, wow and wow! Congratulations, Maureen, on being a phoenix! It’s wonderful to see and read your first post on your new site. You are such an inspiration!
    I look forward to more!!

    1. I’m so glad to be back, Susan. Thanks for your support and belief that it could be done. Not sure just now who inspires who, but Like the process anyway. Here’s to many more posts from both of us. xx

  2. Yay!!! How wonderful to have you back! I love your posts … your insights …. and the fact that you have done this says it all. Looking forward to what’s coming next. X

    1. Thank you Rachel. Lovely to hear from you, and hope something wonderful will next! I’m glad you and Richard are home after your travels.

  3. Hello Maureen.
    I also took a short break.
    Well done for creating a new site.

    I’m assuming this is another self hosted site as opposed to a WordPress hosted site as mine is.
    I don’t know a lot about self hosted sites, but knowing how WordPress usually works, the automatic Follow button doesn’t appear until two posts have been published.
    Also you haven’t included a subscribe button.
    What you do have is a strange previous post that doesn’t make any sense… ‘My World”
    🙂 xx

    1. Hello, Sue! I’m delighted to hear from you, and thank you for pointing out problems that I will try and fix. I’m also delighted that perhaps my old list of subscribers may have followed me to this new project. There is a subscribe form at the very bottom of the post. I have had multiple problems of both life and blogging type that I became impatient with not posting anything for so long. As a writer, I’m sure you know the feeling. Also, I was beginning to think I’d give blogging away, until I gave myself a good talking to and decided to get on with it. Too soon, obviuously. Thank you again for your help. M

  4. Oh how fantastic to have How to be Eighty back again – and look so forward to seeing No 2. You may think others inspire you and that is fine. But, you, my dearest friend, have always been an inspiration to me across so many fronts. Welcome back.

    1. Dear Elizabeth, thank you for your warm welcome to How to be eighty 2. Such a complicated time, such a battle on many fronts. But getting there now, thank goodness. I hope this will be the first post of many.

      I think inspiration always works two ways. As another friend and I discussed the other day, it’s a bit like a seesaw – one up and the other down and needing encouragement, care and nurturing. x

  5. What a hassle! But glad to see you able to communicate to the masses again Maureen.

  6. Welcome back! I’ve missed reading your posts. This post showed up in my WordPress Reader, so I must be subscribed. Yay!

    1. That’s terrific, Deb. Thanks for letting me know that at least something works in this world of technology. Glad to have you back and grateful for your kind remarks.

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