Bordoodle puppy for new zest

The Bordoodle puppy named Maggie

Meet the Bordoodle puppy who’s come into my life. Maggie’s name seems somewhat obvious because her black coat with white trim resembles the colouring of a magpie. At eleven weeks, after the long flight from Toowoomba in Queensland, she fell into my lap. There she slept for two hours straight.

Two days later, she’d undone my shoelaces seventy-four times, chewed up a toy bone, peed on the floor twenty eight times, and wormed her way into my life and heart.

She’s pretty, intelligent, energetic, playful and eager to please.

Just when I’d given up on looking after anything or anyone other than my handful of houseplants, a Bordoodle puppy has undone my resolution.

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About this Bordoodle puppy

Two years ago, one of my sons, who knew how much I like dogs and missed having one in my life, gave me a sweet Chihuahua puppy.

As a companion for your old age,’ he said.

Sadly, a dog did not suit my then husband, who ordered me to give her back, which I did under duress. She now lives very happily with a grandson and his mother. I still feel sad when I think of what-might-have-been which is a practise I’m trying hard to give up.

Chihuahua puppy

Recently, my daughter asked if I’d thought about another puppy. Feeling my age that day, as well as a little fragile, I told her I’d decided against it.

Then she had a different idea. If she and her husband bought a puppy we both liked, perhaps I’d like to be involved in a spot of puppy-sitting because the couple still works. The idea pleased me.

So here I am, besotted by a puppy that really doesn’t belong to me. She doesn’t live with me. But she does have a bed here, and bowls for water and food. And a lead. As well as a few chewy toys. And a warm welcome three days a week.

No. Actually she has a plastic crate on the balcony, full of everything to delight her little canine heart.

It’s the ideal situation. All the perks, including companionship and walking company (when she’s old enough and vaccinated) without vet bills or grooming and other responsibilities. And, as with grandchildren, I can hand her back when I’m ready. I can also say ‘No’ when I’ve had enough.

Benefits for seniors of owning a pet

A quick Google search shows that owning a pet of any kind actually improves the lives and health of older people. According to the website, ‘Pets for the Elderly‘ the benefits are too numerous to ignore.

The article says that,

… as well as relieving loneliness, studies have shown that the bond between people and their pets can increase fitness, lower stress, and bring happiness to their owners. Some of the health benefits of having a pet include: decreased blood pressure, decreased cholesterol and triglyceride levels, decreased feelings of loneliness and increased opportunities for socialization.’

What could possibly go wrong?

Why choose a Bordoodle puppy?

Bordoodle puppies seem to have everything a person could want in a new dog.

  • Their friendly nature and playfulness make them good family pets, but also ideal companion dogs.
  • Inherited intelligence from both sides of their families make them very easy to train.
  • They enjoy interaction with humans, and are good with children.
  • Bred between Border Collies and Poodles, their coats are soft and furry. They don’t usually shed, which makes them excellent for indoors and also for allergy sufferers. (A downside, maybe, is that they need to be groomed and clipped a couple of times a year.)

If you have a pet

I’d love to hear what sort of pet it is, and how long you’ve had it, as well as to find out what you think about pet ownership. If you don’t have a pet, perhaps you’d also like to share what you think about pet ownership.

Share your opinion in the comments below.


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Showing off the Bordoodle puppy in my life


  1. Oh that smiley picture of you with Maggie makes it abundantly clear that this was a very good idea! She’s gorgeous!!!

    1. Such a good idea, Amanda. I found the idea of full-time puppy care a bit too much, but this arrangments suits a few people, including me, very well. I’m looking forward to the next stage (how like a parent!) when I can go walking with a dog for company.

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth. She is very sweet and puppy-playful. I went to Jenny’s and Simon’s for dinner last night, and played with her there, too.

  2. How absolutely gorgeous! The most perfect pet arrangement I’ve ever heard of! ❤️
    Our leaning is to cats, but who knows, one day I may indulge in puppy love.

    1. I’m really happy with the arrangement, Susan, as you can imagine. It is lovely to have a puppy in my place, even if for a little part of the week. I’ve always been more of a puppy person than a kitten one.

  3. Whilst not the most ardent lover of dogs – though in years past I was – i am looking forward to seeing Maggie and thanking her for what she brings my dear friend. Am sure i shall learn to love you Maggie!!

    1. She’s a sweet puppy, Elizabeth B, and I hope you like her. She is playful and funny. But, as I only have her part-time,if you choose not to, you can easily avoid her.

  4. Wow, Maureen Helen, what a bundle of joy and I love the idea that you don’t have to worry about vet bills but you can enjoy Maggie’s company as often as you wish, or not. He looks adorable and you look delighted. Well done and such a great idea. What a wonderful family you have. This is a perfect plan and a win:win:win, all round. Big smiles to you and Maggie 🙂

    1. Thanks, Tricia. I’m loving having her. She is such a baby, and so playful and full of fun. Then all of a sudden, she disappears and I find her sound asleep on the bed I’ve set up for her, often with her head hanging over the side and on the floor, with her body relaxed on the bed. So cute! It is a good idea to have me enjoying her while they work, and handing her back at night. I’m looking forward to when she is fully vaccinated and we can walk in the park.

  5. How beautiful you look together.We miss having a dog & it seems that you have the perfect compromise. Adding to your joy.xx

    1. This is the perfect compromise, Maureen. Thank you for your comment. I have really missed having a dog, and my daughter and son-in-law both work long hours. This means I have the fun and enjoyment some days. She is so sweet.

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