Colour can boost creative energy. Rug made by Balinese woman.
Colour can boost creative energy.
Rug made by Balinese woman.

Workshops can boost creativity energy. I’ve been to a couple this year, learned a great deal and had fun. In fact, workshops could fast take their place among my favourite outings.

There’s a lot to be said for coming together with other like-minded people. For example, many writers say they cannot do without their writing groups. Their groups  boost creative energy and productivity. They provide a safe place to experiment with new ideas. Participants enjoy reading the work of others and sharing their own work. They feel stimulated and creatively alive through the process of discussion and support that takes place.

I’ve discovered what a similarly wonderful resource a workshop can be for people on another creative path. In my time as a nurse, counselor and advocate I’ve attended (and run) quite a few workshops. Mostly I’ve thought of them as a  means of passing on utilitarian skills and information. Many workshops perform that function. Many others in all sorts of areas do much more. Think for example about gardening, cooking, lifestyle and craft workshops. They often fire people’s imagination and boost creative energy.

In the creative writing sessions I facilitate I try to combine the role of teaching skillls with providing support to new and emerging writers. Until now I haven’t actually thought of my sessions as a way to encourage the creative venture of writing. It is obvious that at the hands of a skillful facilitator, a workshop can be much more than utilitarian meeting.

Since I started my blog a little over twelve months ago, I’ve been fortunate enough to attend two workshops related to blogging.

Glennys Marsdon -
Glennys Marsdon –

The first  was a social media workshop with the title, ‘Create a Personal Brand’. From her experience and knowledge as a psychologist, writer, blogger and facilitator, Glennys Marsdon, packed the session with information. She added big dollops of humor and enthusiasm . She enabled everyone to share their experiences so we also learned from each other. I loved being with other people who were looking for ways to make  social media more relevant. I enjoyed the generous sharing of ideas ideas. Read more in my blog here.

That workshop set me on a new pathway of thinking about my blog. I loved that workshop!

As a result, my blog changed. The changes were subtle. At first I wondered if I was the only person who could see the difference. But apparently not. Little tweaks here and there paid off. People told me they liked it. I got more hits. I experimented a bit more. More hits. Magic!

Amanda Kendle
Amanda Kendle

Last week I was lucky enough to secure a place in a two-hour workshop facilitated by social media consultant Amanda Kendle. The workshop was specifically about blogging: ‘Get your blog ready for 2015’. Another group of enthusiastic bloggers met. Some knew each other. Others knew no one. Some were experienced bloggers and users of other social media. Some had not yet published a blog but they certainly knew what they were doing. Then there were was me – keen, but hardly even a technological tourist in this world of tech natives.

There was something for everyone. I learned  new skills. I learned  about a couple of software plug-ins that I could add onto my blog program to make it more functional. One of the plug-ins  is an editorial calendar that may well change the way I think about blogs forever. Much more importantly,  I inhaled enthusiasm and joy.

Participants at Amanda Kendle's workshop at the Beach Boardroom last week. (Photo by Amanda Kendle)
Participants at Amanda Kendle’s workshop at the Beach Boardroom last week. (Photo by Amanda Kendle)

Thank you, Glennys and Amanda for the different ways you have boosted my creative energy through your workshops this year.

I’m thinking differently about workshops now I’ve discovered they can boost creative energy so powerfully.  I’m on the lookout for any in 2015 that will excite and stimulate me.

I’d love to hear about workshops that have inspired you, or those  you plan to attend in 2015.

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  1. Two of my favourite people, Glennys and Amanda—both know what they’re doing and do it well. Well done, Maureen. I think you’ve done wonderfully well in the blogosphere. It takes a long time to build a following, and you’r doing it. It’s better to do it slowly but surely anyway, rather than be a one-hit wonder!

    1. Hello, Louise. I’m very glad you let me know about Amanda’s workshop – I wouldn’t have gone otherwise. It really appeared so low key, so gentle, so casual. But it was packed full of good stuff I could think about and some things I could do straight away. Like batching blogs. I’ve got about seven almost written and scheduled on my brand new ‘editorial calendar’ plug-in. Can’t believe what a wonderful tool that is. Thanks to you, I’m becoming a better blogger, although still impatient to get a million followers. Or more even.

    1. Yes, I’m blessed with enough energy to keep trying new things, Rosie. Thank you for commenting on my blogs with such generosity.

  2. Yes, any group of people with like-minded ideas, hopes, expectations can be of great benefit to the creative spirit. At time, unfortunately, it can be hard to find a group one needs …but as you say, Maureen, we keep trying.

    1. Elizabeth, I guess that’s why I loved the blogging workshop. People who didn’t necessarily know each other for a single stimulating session. It isn’t an ongoing group, which as you say, can be much more difficult to find. And yes, we do keep on looking. Thank you for your ongoing support over the years.

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