Alexandra, four hours old (Photo by Bhen Linton)
Alexandra, four hours old
(Photo by Bhen Linton)

This blogging great-grandmother is bursting with pride.  I am truly blessed.

Alexandra's statisticsThe very beautiful Alexandra Margaret Eloise Linton burst into our lives at 10.08 a.m. on Saturday morning, 7 February 2015. She was four weeks early for her appointment with the world. She weighed 2710 grams and she’s healthy.

Congratulations and thanks to Claire-Helen and Bhen, who made this miracle happen. Lucky little Elizabeth, to have a baby sister. The waiting is over!

How can I describe this beautiful newborn baby girl?  To say she has a shock of straight black hair and navy-blue eyes that will probably turn brown doesn’t work. To tell you that she has sweet, even features doesn’t explain beauty.

She is poetry and music and art.

Alexandra is my twentieth direct descendant and my third great-grandchild.

Elizabeth and Alexandra - first meeting (Photo by Bhen Linton)
Elizabeth and Alexandra – first meeting
(Photo by Bhen Linton)
Alexandra and Claire-Helen (Photo by Bhen Linton)
Alexandra and Claire-Helen
(Photo by Bhen Linton)










Bhen with his daughters
Bhen with his daughters

On balance, I love being a mother and a grandmother.  And being a great-grandmother is another very special stage in my life. To be a great-grandmother is not something you do – it is a state bestowed on one.

There are wonderful things about being a great-grandmother in my family.

A few things I love about being a great-grandmother

  • My lovely grown-up granddaughters trust and respect me;
  • They include me in their lives and their mothering;
  • My daughters involve me in their grand-mothering;
  • I feel loved and significant in the life of my big family;
  • I can be as involved with the babies as much as I like – and I have the wisdom to withdraw when appropriate;
  • There are special visiting privileges for a great-grandmother;
  • And I love our visits when my granddaughters bring their babies to see me;
  • It’s fascinating (and a little overwhelming) to know that my genes are being transmitted while I watch.
Alexandra and her proud great-grandmother (Photo by Claire-Helen Linton)
Alexandra and her proud great-grandmother
(Photo by Claire-Helen Linton)

My bones creak a bit these days but giggling with three-year-old Elizabeth is the best analgesic I know. Except, perhaps, her arms around my neck. Or the intensity of her gaze when she looks at me. Or having her sit on my lap while I read to her. Or her hand in mine when we walk together. She started kindergarten last week. I’m secretly hoping that, when Claire-Helen is busy with Alexandra, I’ll be asked to take Elizabeth to kindy sometimes, or to pick her up. Another stage in both our lives.

If my blog is late and I haven’t written another word,  it’s because I’ve been busy!

I’d love to read your comments. And I’d love you to subscribe to my blog.

8 replies on “Blogging great-grandmother bursts with pride”

  1. I am so jealous Maureen! Can’t wait to get home and have a cuddle with that sweet little girl!!!

    1. I really understand that, Rachel. Alexandra is obviously a girl with a mind of her own and decided to arrive when she was ready. She is very beautiful, and Elizabeth will be very pleased to see you. Happy homecoming!

  2. This is beautiful, Maureen. You’ve made me want to be a great-grandmother, too!

    1. Thanks, Louise. I guess every life-stage brings its joys. A new great-grandchild is certainly a high-point.

  3. How truly blessed we all are to have your joyous sharing of such an occasion!!
    Please tell the parents and maternal grandmother ROSIE IS pleased too!!
    The world is blessed by all of you living in it. Rosiexx

    1. What a lovely comment, Rosie. Thank you for being such a generous friend over such a long time. I really appreciate your joy for me and our family. OF COURSE I’ll tell Jenny and Claire and Bhen that you are pleased for them.
      Love, Maureen

  4. WE are so fortunate to have YOU in our lives. Grandma’s are awesome and they only get greater with time.
    But you’re a truly exceptional one.
    Thank you.
    C, B, E and A xxx

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