Appreciation for people who inspire us

Appreciation, 10/10

My morning pages (four pages, written long-hand first thing) often turn into lists of gripes about the world and my place in it. Sometimes, though, they fill with little songs of appreciation. Often, I forget to tell people I’m grateful for the inspiration they provide.

So here, off the top of my head, in no particular order, are some of the people to whom I give a 10 out of 10 today.

My appreciation list today

I give ten out of ten to many of the good people in my life. Here are a few.


These two worked diligently to protect Western Australians from COVID-19. They took advice from doctors, epidemiologists, public health officials, the police and many others. They stand firm against those who urge them to open the borders.

Alongside them come all those in government departments and private enterprise who worked (and continue to work) to protect us from the pandemic.

The responsible folk everywhere who take the sound advice offered and keep us all safe. They diligently maintain social distance and hand hygiene. When ill, they stay home, get tested and isolate. It would be easy to become complacent because the threat of COVID-19 seems quite remote now.

Life here seems almost normal. It is six months today since the last case of COVID-19 which resulted from community transmission.

We are so lucky, with much to celebrate and to be grateful for.


Like many other Western Australians, they’ve ‘wandered out yonder’ on the advice of the WA Tourist Department. They’d planned another trip across the Nullabor, but when that couldn’t happen because of closed borders they upped sticks and drove north, caravan in tow.

Rock pool in Pilbara
Python Pool in Pilbara Photo by Elizabeth Worts

I’ve loved the photos they sent every day from the north of this beautiful state. They’ve inspired John and me to book a break or two but in the south, and sans caravan.


The White Iceberg roses in the garden at church this morning took my breath away. So very beautiful! Thank you to the person responsible. My appreciation for the unanticipated delight and inspiration you provided.


You can imagine my joy at the return from the USA of my granddaughter, her husband and three adored great-grandchildren. I admire the way they’ve set up a home, gone back to work and school, socialise and take life in their stride. Most of all, I love the way they’ve taken me to their hearts as if we had not been separated.


My children and most of my grandchildren are in touch regularly. But my daughters keep close and provide John and me with a great deal of support, particularly when times seem tougher than usual. They deserve 10 out of 10 for kindness, patience, perseverance and lovely, unexpected occasions.


A doctor who inspired me with his kindness deserves appreciation, and so does his wife and practice manager. He explained fully the health condition in question and reassured us John and me.


I’m giving the PP 10 out of 10 in appreciation for his absolutely getting my displeasure that the Pope’s newest encyclical (letter to the Church) has the impossible title of Fratelli tutti. The translation: Brothers all. How dare the institutional church discount women in this way? Thank you for your support. I look forward to reading what Pope Francis actually says in the encyclical.


We’ve never met but became on-line friends through our blogging activities. Several times a week Sue and GC provide word or photo challenges for bloggers and I’m grateful for them for this one.

I’ve had fun with this challenge.

Perhaps you’d like to write a list of people to whom you’d give a ten out of ten today. You might even like to take up the word challenge at GIVE IT 10 on your blog. I’d be especially delighted if you’d share your thoughts in the comments on my post.

4 replies on “Appreciation for people who inspire us”

    1. A fun list to write, Sue. I was feeling a bit down, and began to think, not so much what I had to be grateful for, but about inspiration and giving thanks. Glad to include you and Gerry in my list. You inspire me.

  1. What a delightful positive and thoughtful post Maureen Helen. I just love that and I am going to make my list of 10 on my kitchen tiles. Will send a pic : ) Many thanks for your positivity, You are indeed an inspiration and therefore will be on my list, even if I have to make my list a bit longer, though 10 is a pretty good number. It was especially great to read about your family returning from Texas and your thoughts about the white roses that greeted you at church. I found the section about the pope’s statement headline, ‘jaw dropping’ to say the least. That is so incredulous. Thank you for making our lives richer and filled with your positivity. You are on my list Maureen Helen … and I thank you with a virtual hug across the several dozen development blocks that separate us 🙂 I hope today there are more beautiful things that come your way. You deserve it x

    1. Dear Tricia, thank you for your lovely comments. I’m glad you liked my list, and can’t wait to see what you write on your kitchen tiles. That’s a novel idea, one I would never have thought of, but might try soon. I’m glad I’m on your list!

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