Alert: post contains tragic news

serenity prayer

It is with deep sadness and a heavy heart

that I announce the death

of my beautiful and beloved younger daughter,

Anne Mari O’Callaghan (Annie).

Born on 11 August, 1965, she died on 27 December 2021.

She is survived also by her daughters,

Renee Paige and Megan Jane Muhleisen, her grandson Bailey Muhleisen

and her siblings, Jenny, Michael, Peter, James and Timothy O’Callaghan.

Rest in peace, dearest Anne.

20 replies on “Alert: post contains tragic news”

  1. Clicking Like seems so very wrong but I’m glad you’ve shared your sad news with your blogging friends.

    You and I have already spoken of your sad loss.
    And once again I send my condolences. You remain in my thoughts and prayers. I think of you often, Maureen.

    1. Dear Sue, As you know it took a long time for me to gain courage to write and share with blogging friends about our tragic loss. Thank you for your condolences, love and prayers.

  2. Oh my. I am so, so sorry. I know there are no words that can really bring comfort at a time like this, but please know that I will be thinking of you and your family and will keep you in my prayers. May Annie rest in peace and rise in glory.

    1. Dear Deb, thank you for your kind wishes and prayers for Annie and our family and friends.

  3. Maureen you honour your wonderful daughter Annie, by sharing this news of her sad passing. And we stand beside you in respect of this expression of love and honour.

    Maureen you also honour your daughter by working hard to live your best life. In times of loss someone needs to “Be the guiding light, a safe harbor, a beacon of hope, and a solid foundation for those around you.”
    You are a guiding light for us all Maureen Helen and I know you will certainly be that and more for all of your family and in particular, for Annie’s children.

    We are with you in our hearts and will always there if you need us. Blessing and love to you and your family Maureen xx

    Quote by Jennifer Gayle.

    1. Dear Tricia, there nothing I can say except thank you for the way you support, honour and love me. Thank you for your blessing and love for me and my family while we heal from a tragedy one could never anticipate. I am grateful that Anne is now at peace.

  4. Always in my thoughts and prayers with much love and gratitude to have you as my friend.

  5. Dear Maureen, I’m so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are for you and your loved ones today. Deepest sympathies.

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