The Weekend by Charlotte Wood – a review

The Weekend, the sixth novel by acclaimed author Charlotte Wood, enchanted me. Perceptive, gut-wrenchingly sad and superbly written, this book also includes enough  humour to lighten the story.

The Weekend coverIt’s about love of different types, the kind of friendship that can wax and wane over many decades and still survive, death and decay, and the memories and fears, hopes and dreams of old women. 

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Learning journey – how to write a novel

My learning journey – a new adventure, how to write a novel – continues. I write regularly but, as I explained in a previous post, which you can read if you click here, writing fiction doesn’t yet  feature among my skills. I hope that will soon change.

Learning Journey

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Explore Subiaco’s industrial sculptures

Subiaco’s industrial sculptures reflect the city’s origins as a partly industrial suburb on the outskirts of the City of Perth. Some industry still exists, but will soon be phased out. In recent decades, Subiaco developed into a highly sought after residential enclave less than four kilometres from the Perth CBD. Not long ago, our street was home to used car lots.

Subiaco's industrial sculptures
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