Creative for life – my goal

Have you thought how you can be creative for life?

To be creative for life is one of my goals. Perhaps it is one we share. The idea of being on a lifelong learning journey excites and stimulates me. So does the idea of living creatively. The two seem interrelated.

Creative for life

Creative for life

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Reclaiming creativity

Reclaiming creativity is my new, important, goal. The lovely thing about this goal is that it is already happening. New ways of doing what I do already present themselves. My job is to listen to the promptings of my mind (or heart) and to respond. To watch out for synchronicity.

For  too long, I’d been wandering in a creative wilderness. The landscape dried up without me noticing. The same thing seemed to have happened to my creativity.

Arid desert

Arid desert

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Kick start your writing Part 2

Kick start your your writing, a session I facilitated last week at the Peter Cowan Writers Centre came about  by accident. It grew from a conversation over coffee with the Acting President, Susan Stevens. I mentioned that there was information that I would have loved when I started writing. Kick start your writing was the result. Continue reading

Housework – can it assist creativity?

Housework may not assist creativity for everyone. Some people tell me they thrive on chaos.

For  me housework is itself a creative activity. I find it very satisfying. Every week, when my house is clean and pretty, I feel as if I’ve created a glimpse of a peaceful paradise. Continue reading

The Festival – for fun and excitement

The Fringe World Festival 2015 kicked off the major festival season in Western Australia last week. The rather more sedate Perth International Arts Festival which starts on 13 February will overlap the Fringe World Festival. It, in turn, will incorporate the Perth Writers Festival. Continue reading

Fringe World Festival –  creative boost

Fringe World Festival will run in Western Australia from 23 January to 22 February, 2015.

Not usually one to hang back, I’ve been reluctant to explore the possibilities of a festival that felt so far out of my comfort zone. I might even have been heard to say that I was too old. That was before! I wonder how I could have ignored so much fun so close to home.

One of the best ways to boost one’s creativity is to play and have fun. Fringe World Festival could be the way to go over a hot summer! Continue reading