Recovering broken blogs

Recovering broken blogs must rank up there almost with the reappearance of children who have quit the family home and later returned, now properly adult. Just when you thought

  • They would never return
  • They would never grow up.
Spring is not the time for recovering broken blogs

Spring is not the time for recovering broken blogs

Long experience tells me that good parenting is about caring intensely for babies and children, and gradually nurturing the skills they will need to fend for themselves in the grown-up world.

My blog is nothing like a child. But I have missed it.

I‘m not sure how many readers may also have missed my weekly posts. I hope some wondered about it.

I’ve been missing from blog-land for almost two months. That was after I foolishly decided to connect with the National Broadband Network (NBN) that had come to our suburb. The NBN had teething problems. At least, that’s my charitable view, on a very good day.

We lost the internet altogether for ten days. When the internet returned, my poor old WordPress site had been totally scrambled. My website host denied any knowledge of the problems that I described to patient listeners in New Zealand and South Africa.

Finding a web-person with free time was like finding gold in the Avon River at Walyunga National Park. It is possible, but extremely rare.

But, by a miracle of perseverance, I found someone who never claimed his speciality was recovering broken blogs, but who agreed to give it a go. You can read about this miracle worker and his company here. I now have a restored site and a new host.

This morning, my friend, writer Louise Allan published, on her blog, another article in the fascinating series, ‘What It Means to be a Writer’. In this morning’s essay, another writer, Michelle Nugent, said,

There’s no point just thinking when you are a writer, it’s never enough. Like a build-up of molten lava in a rumbling volcano, the words must spew forth, creating new landscapes, microcosms and weather patterns. 

That sums up exactly how I feel about my writing. Posting blogs is one way I share my writing.  I never again want to spend time worrying about recovering broken blogs. Instead, I want to be writing!

I am over-the-moon-delighted to be back.

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6 thoughts on “Recovering broken blogs

  1. Welcome back, Maureen! I wondered where you were—I thought maybe you were busy with your choir project. What a palaver this NBN is turning out to be! I’m glad you found someone who could help.
    Michele’s comment sums it up for me, too—I get very antsy when I’m not producing words.
    Glad you’re back in business! x

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