Multipotentialite seeks like-minded friends

The word multipotentialite does not come tripping off my tongue. It took several goes to spell it correctly, but I suspect it’s about to become a favourite.

Multipotentialite of the future?
Photo by Claire-Helen Linton, mother of my great-grandchildren

I stumbled on the concept  when fretting, yet again, that my blog doesn’t have a coherent theme. That it’s a lot like my life, which can sometimes seem all over the place.

I hoped to find some way to make more sense of my life and my blog and was searching on line when I came across this new idea and experienced a Eureka! moment. I fit the label.

My life’s trajectory doesn’t follow the gentle arc I wished for it. Instead, it lurches from one fascinating interest or new occupation to another. I find it hard to resist a challenge, a new learning opportunity. Occasionally this gets me into trouble, but about ninety percent of the time it turns out OK.

Blogging in a (somewhat) disorganised life

Bloggers who do well, I’m told, are those who have a clear theme. They write and regularly post helpful, entertaining and useful blogs. Their writing fits neatly into their stated theme or personal brand. Readers know what to expect and look forward to reading new posts.

I once attended a thoroughly enjoyable workshop about branding facilitated by my clever friend, Glennys Marsdon. Later, I read as much as possible about the concept, but I seem to have missed the boat completely. My career, rewarding as it has been, has been that of a generalist, easily dismissed. My interests are too random and my blog reflects this.

Enter the multipotentialite

A truly odd word, multipotentialite means something like generalist. It sits with other labels like jack-of-all-trade, scanner, slasher, multipassionate, and multipod.

Emily Waprick defines a multipotentialites as people who have many different interests and creative pursuits in life.

She says that the ‘one true calling’ eludes these people. Try as they might, they seem to flit from one passion to the next, from one career path to another. As they go, they absorb knowledge, learn skills and delve deeply into new areas of interest.

Specialists, on the other hand, dig ever more deeply into their chosen career. They maintain a steady progression in their single, clearly defined vocation.

More definitions

A multipotentialite, according to my guru, Wikipedia, is an educational and psychological term that refers to the ability of a person, particularly one of intellectual or artistic curiosity, to excel in two or more different fields. It can also refer to an individual whose interests span multiple fields or areas, rather than being strong in just one.

Multipotentialite is someone who  has actually done a lot more things than most, knows about multiple creative subjects and is quite experienced in life overall. These Jack-of-all-trades (multipotentialites) believe that knowledge has no boundaries.

So here  I am, on the edge of yet another learning curve, discovering a new area to explore.

Over to you

I’d love to hear from others who think they may also be multipotentialites and how this affects them. We need to stick together.

12 thoughts on “Multipotentialite seeks like-minded friends

  1. This multipotetialite (with not nearly as much experience) is seeking like-minded friends too! What a coincidence!
    The blog, in its randomness, is back on form lately. Keep the golden insights coming!

    • I recognised you as a multipotentialite thirty years ago, dear Jane-Heloise, but I didn’t know the word till recently. I often wonder what happened to your early geographical/geophysical phase? I keep expecting it to emerge in a new form very soon. Please continue to be my friend. You constantly amaze and inspire me with your range of interests and knowledge and willingness to share.

  2. I think I probably am a multi…thing! I’ve reinvented myself many times in my life. As far as branding on your blog goes Maureen, I believe you are your own brand. The person you project and your style of writing and the manner in which you approach a subject can become your brand. Then it doesn’t matter what you write about. Happy Australia Day lovely lady.

    • Yes, I’m sure you are a multipotentialite, Michelle. I’d love to read more about your reinventions of yourself.

      Thanks for the comments about branding and blogging. There’s a lot of discussion about branding in some of the circles in which I mix. Being something of a perfectionist makes me want to conform to other people’s expectations, at least some of the time. Of course, most of the time I don’t care if I’m different. Not sure why blogging within the rules has me stumped.

  3. Hi Maureen, that label fits me as well. The popular blogs have their place, but is never something that I have aspired to. My blog is for me and like minded people and friends. My mind skitters around too much on ever changing interests and learning’s. I fancy your blog and love to follow what you get up to xxx

    • Thanks for your comment, Rae, and for admitting that you are a multipotentialite. I thoroughly enjoy your posts because they are unpredictable, I guess a bit like we are. I think it is more than about blogging. Blogging simply reflects the multitude of our interests and the connections we make between different aspects of our own and other people’s thoughts, ideas and activities.

  4. I’ve raised my hand as a multipotentialite, too, and my blog reflects that, too—it’s a bit higgledy-piggledy, but at least it’s authentic. Like you, Maureen—I think that’s the thing about us all-over-the-place bloggers—we offer ourselves, inside out with the tags showing, and people seem to like that. Keep going. xx

    • Yep, Louise. You certainly are a multipotentialite! What other medical specialist would chuck in a perfectly good living to take up the precarious life of an attic-dwelling writer. And with resounding success in that new area, as well. Interestingly, I never think of your blog as being higgledy-piggledy. Your posts always seem perfectly logical and orderly to me. And your photography is wonderful, as well. Do you think it’s the quality of authenticity that redeems our multiplicity if interests and skill-sets?

  5. I thought everyone thought like a multipotentialite. Now i’m starting to understand why many people seem to have such boring lives.

    • Peter, you are the most multi-skilled, multi-faceted multipotentialite I know. That’s probably why I always feel so energised when I’ve been with you or even when we talk on the phone. We spark off each other and I think it’s because we have the ability to make connections between such disparate ideas and fields of knowledge. I love your passion for learning how things work and fit together. You once told me to fix my own washing machine. To have a go, anyway. If I stuffed up, you said, I could call a man! That taught me that I can actually have a go at anything without disastrous consequences. What fabulous learning. Thank you.

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