Coming Events

I am looking forward to these current events

WORKSHOPS at Peter Cowan Writers Centre, on the ECU Campus, Joondalup, for 2016.

 Contact Peter Cowan Writers Centre for further details and to enrol.

The lovely Peter Cowan Writers Centre is the venue for some of my coming events

The lovely Peter Cowan Writers Centre is the venue for some of my coming events

The skills of a bower bird: research for writing 23 July 2016 from 1.30 to 4.30 pm

A basic research workshop for writers in all genres. An introduction to tools, methods and skills for making your writing authentic and honest. You will also learn skills for blending research seamlessly into your stories

The best characters in memoir-writing  23  October, 2015

Memoir-writing is the story of a part of a person’s life. But everyone who appears in your story is a character. The skill of memoir writing is to write characters who are believable, honest and engaging.

What people have said about my workshops

This is what some people have said about my workshops

  • It was great. Best I’ve been to.
  • Very interesting and valued concept for workshop.
  • Very glad I chose to attend, got so much out of it (motivation) and will be back again!
  • A very supportive and informative environment, delivered casually and in an approachable way, ideal for those starting out.
  • This workshop has been relaxed and friendly, not intimidating or scary in any way.
  •  Dr Maureen Helen is a gifted communicator and story teller.

Details of workshops and other coming events

They are interactive and consist of a mixture of information exchange, writing and sharing. Content and format depend on the participants’ needs and interests. They are always productive and good fun.



Peter Cowan Writers Centre happily includes participants who are unable to attend sessions in person and who wish to SKYPE into PCWC.

You can view details of all activities at PCWC FOR 2016  here.


I’m not sure if this can be classed in Coming Events. But for the whole of 2016, I expect to be busy editing and rewriting a novel that has been languishing on my computer since I wrote the first draft a couple of years ago. I am really looking forward to revisiting it.

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