Green technology, environmentally friendly paper

Ethical printing happens when green technology and environmentally friendly paper coincide. These were among the last things I thought about when I accepted the invitation to help the Spirit of the Streets Choir produce a book to celebrate their tenth anniversary in May this year. Continue reading

The Good People, Hannah Kent, a review

From the opening paragraph, The Good People  by Australian writer Hannah Kent had me hooked. Men carrying the body of Nóra Leahy’s husband remind me of the opening of D H Lawrence’s short story, ‘The Odour of Chrysanthemums‘.

Cover, The Good People, by Hannah Kent

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Intellectual property theft

Intellectual property and its misappropriation weigh heavily on my mind today, especially with regard to the publication of photos without permission from the photographer. As a writer, historian and blogger, I am obviously concerned about copyright in general.

Copyright protects intellectual property

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